Solutions for wastewater treatment

With our wastewater treatment we help private companies, treatment plants and municipal entities to recover the state of the water so as not to leave a mark on nature

Solutions Bio-fil

A company specialized in the regeneration, purification and treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater through our own patented technology and highly efficient systems.

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Water care since 1986

tratamiento de aguas residuales icono mundo empresa internacional

International presence in more than 30 countries

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Patented products

Products for wastewater reuse

Since 1986 Bio-fil has been manufacturing a variety of plastic filler products, the most advanced on the market, for different processes around the world. Currently our products have an international presence in more than 30 countries around the world.

Systems and technologies

Bio-fil is specialized in the most efficient systems for filtering water, such as the trickling filter system that imitates the flow of the river, as well as the moving bed system for a greater adhesion of microorganisms.

wastewater treatment plant project engineering

Engineering for wastewater treatment plants

Biofil has an expert team of engineers with whom it develops customized projects for water treatment plants, manufactures the necessary processes and implements the technology to optimize natural resources.

Featured Products

tratamiento de aguas residuales relleno plastico tipo a

Plastic Media Biofill A

Biofill plastic carrier class A for trickling filters and cooling towers.

[:es]Biofill B[:ca]Biofill B[:en]Biofill B[:fr]Biofill B[:de]Biofill B

New Type B for wastewater treatment

The product Biofill type B

tratamiento de aguas residuales relleno plastico tipo c amarillo

Plastic Media type C

Biofill type C and type CT fot MBBR movinng beds, cooling towers and anarobic processes.

wastewater treatment product plastic media biofil C2

Type C2 for waste water

Biofill type C2 fot

product to recover waste water type biofill C3

Type C3

Biofill type C2 fot

Wastewater treatment for companies by Sectors

[:es]Ganadería[:ca]Ramaderia[:en]Animal husbandry[:fr]Élevage[:de]Tierzucht

Primary sector

We provide treatment solutions for wastewater for the primary sector as : Agriculture, farms, fish farms with high results.

[:es]Indústria química[:ca]Indústria química[:en]Chemical Industry[:fr]Industrie chimique[:de]Chemische industrie

Heavy industry

We offer water filtration products for heavy industry as Chemical Industry, oil and petrochemistry industry, mining industries, pharmaceutics or textile sector.


Food sector

You can buy products to wastewater treatment for the animal slaughter, precooked food industry, preserves, industry of milk, ice cream, chocolate and coffe, Beverages or catering services.



Everything for wasterwater from cities and towns, tourist resorts, samll towns, family houses and services .

Some of our customers

Latest news

Reutilizacion aguas residuales lago azul

Latest wastewater regeneration and treatment project

In the development of the new project for the reuse of wastewater, called AEMBBR-MBR®, the two technologies of moving bed (MBBR) and membrane bioreactor (MBR) are combined

Agua potable, su ciclo y procesos niños

The drinking water cycle and processes

Before writing an article about the drinking water cycle, we wanted to read everything that is said on wikipedia, so as not to affirm misconceptions that are frequently said repeatedly.

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