BIOLOGÍA Y FILTRACIÓN S.L ( BIO-FIL ) is created with the aim of becoming a leader company within the manufacturers of plastic media for wastewater treatment and phase interchanging systems.

BIO-FIL is born in February 2011 from the split of the mother company which had been producing since 1986 the plastic media for fixed biomass biological treatments, with the aim of giving a greater impulse to the production of this media.

Our experience began in 1986 and has permitted us to develop in collaboration with the University the many different products of BIOFILL® plastic media, the most advanced ones in the market for treatment processes in wastewaters, interchanging towers, air biological filters, etc. The continuous investigation about the application of our media in different environmental problems and the search for new solutions made our products worldwide recognized for their quality.

In order to become leaders we have to build loyalty from our costumers. Quality of product and service are our guarantees. We always have stock ready for the products that are usually demanded from our costumers and a fast distribution system. We work with the best transportation companies, which are perfectly connected worldwide.

The directive and technical personal has between 16 and 28 years of experience in the fields of plastic injection and water treatment, and have made many projects in them.


The headquarters of the company are located in the municipality of Santa Eulalia de Ronçana (BARCELONA-Spain). We are very well communicated with the rest of the world, the factory is only 8 Km. from a main highway network that connects us with Europe and the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. To connect with the rest of the world, we are only 35 Km. from Barcelona sea haven, the most important port of the Mediterranean, and 40 Km. from Barcelona International Airport.

Our products

We produce seven types of plastic media for the different applications described, which you can see in our section of products/plastic media. We advice our costumers, if necessary, in the designing of the processes with the corresponding calculations.

Sales distribution

Currently Europe represents a 70% of our income, with Poland, France, Spain, Germany, England and Romany being our main costumers. Our goal is to increase these by increasing our sales in other continents, we are currently exporting to Mexico, Dominican Republic and Chile in America; India and Singapore in eastern Asia; Turkey and Lebanon in Near East; and Algeria and Morocco in Africa.