Food sector

  • Animal slaughter
  • Precooked food industry
  • Preserves
  • Industry of milk, ice cream, chocolate and coffee
  • Beverages
  • Catering services in general

Effective solutions in the food sector with wastewater

In the food sector the most appropriate system for wastewater treatment is a biological system. Inside these, a moving bed with high efficiency plastic filling BIOFILL® type C would be most appropriate. The addition of biological products BACTERIA® for fat matter decreasing produces a synergy which easies the treatment and reduces its costs.


For this kind of industry, the following products are specially recommended:

  • BACTERIA BIOPOP. Eliminates fat in pump stations.
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  • BACTERIA XNL. Improves nitrification, transforming ammonium to nitrates.
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  • BACTERIA DEN. Improves denetrification, transforming nitrates to nitrogen gas.
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  • BACTERIA SK. Absorbs and degrades floating fat.
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  • BACTERIA SX. Degrades organic matter, oils and detergents to active sludge.
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See the technical brochures for these products.