The BIOFILL® plastic media, used as biomass supports in biological treatments and phase exchange, are manufactured solely by BIOLOGÍA Y FILTRACIÓN S.L., inventor of those and main member of the BIO-FIL Group.

High efficency plastic media BIOFILL® for biological treatments

All BIOFILL® support models are the property of BIOLOGÍA Y FILTRACIÓN, S.L. and are registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

History of the plastic media

In the 1980s, the collaboration between our company, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia with professors Dr. Martí Crespi (doctor on treatment of textile waste waters) and  Dr. Joan Capdevila (doctor on fluids hydraulic) and the Polytechnic University of Milan with Dr. Fabrizio Bartaletti (doctor on geometry) and Dr. Lenna Filippeti (doctor on biology) led to the creation of the first BIOFILL® carrier model, which we now call BIOFILL® type A, for wastewater treatment using trickling filter technique.

Over time, new carriers have been created for the same application and also for the new ones that are being applied in recent years, such as the MBBR moving bed and the BIOMBBR-MBRAE mixed bed.

Specific studies in the laboratory, modifications and tests in pilot plants for decades, have led to the realization of the current spheroidal geometric structures in order to obtain the maximum efficiency in their applications. Our intention was to constitute a valid alternative to all mineral and metallic media, allowing to rehabilitate the trickling filter system as the most effective, safest and most economical process for the purification of all types of residual effluents, phase exchange and odor elimination.



All BIOFILL® plastic carrier models are manufactured by injection of special technopolymers, normally recovered. Unused packaging destined for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beverage industries that did not meet the design standards that these industries require. In no case do our raw materials come from materials that may have been contaminated by toxic products, oils, waste materials from chemical industries, automobile industries, oil industries, etc. Our products comply with the German DIN EN12255-7 standard and have the European Union manufacturing CE certificate.   

Our raw materials have high mechanical characteristics, high resistance to creep and good stability to prolonged outdoor exposures in any climate and especially to solar radiation, specifically UVA rays due to the addition of carbon black during their manufacture. The different media present a great resilience to recovery by compression and a great resistance to chemical, physical and biological agents with which they come into contact during their use. These materials of diverse origin are crushed, washed, extruded, granulated and dyed black or gray to differentiate the characteristics of use between them, unless other colors are requested.

Virgin materials or materials of other characteristics are used only on request, provided they comply with our standards.