Domestic plants

Domestic plants are the solution to the problem of waste water on a small scale

The sector of water purification in small towns (family house, clusters of buildings, hotels, hospitals, housing estates, camping, etc …) is a very specific one in the treatment of waste water, where there are a lot of industries plastic, polyester and other materials that produce compact equipment designed to be buried.

These equipments, if your design is right, have the advantage that they can be located in areas where the floor area may be used for other purposes (basements, playgrounds, gardens, etc) without producing odors or visual pollution. They have the disadvantage, that transport measures permitted to travel on roads and highways, are very limited. In these cases it is necessary to install more than one computer, pending more expensive the whole work.


The compact design of the plants is the same for construction in open air, ie in the case of BIOFILL® type A, 60-70 liters/person, in the case of type B BIOFILL®: 70-80 liters/person, and as an essential element, ensure good ventilation.

Lately, a number of manufacturers of compact plants, worldwide, are producing compact moving bed plants, transforming their designs extended aeration plants in moving beds. In these cases, it is ideal to use BIOFILL® type C, for this application and for a specific number of people, can be reduced to 40-50% of the system volume or put in another way, for a plant size can treat up to 40-50% more load.

For these plants, it is very useful and recommended the use of BACTERIA®: products ST and XS, as they prevent the clogging of the filling, cleaning pipes of the installation and prevents the production of odors.