Heavy industry

  • Chemical industry
  • Oil and petrochemistry industry
  • Mining industry
  • Pharmaceutics industry
  • Textile industry

The Wastewater Treatment for the heavy industry

Wastewater treatment in heavy industry must include a biological system, complemented by other treatments like a physical-chemical.

Biological treatment can be a trickling filter with the plastic filling BIOFILL®, type A or type B, or a moving bed (MBBR) with the plastic filling BIOFILL® type C, combined with BACTERIA® biological products.

Biological treatment systems with trickling filter are as efficient as any other regarding the elimination of the waste charge, but are more efficient economically since they don’t need power supply for oxygen entry. Their operation imitates the natural purifying system of rivers.

Trickling filter is specially efficient in warm climate.


For this type of industry, the following products are specially recommended:

  • BACTERIA BIOPOP. Eliminates fat in pump stations.
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  • BACTERIA HX. Degrades the organic products which are difficult to.
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  • BACTERIA XP. Degrades lignines, cellulose, surfactants.
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  • BACTERIA PR. Degrades hydrocarbons coming from production processes.
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  • BACTERIA ANL. Eliminates the odours caused by sulphide compounds.
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See the technical brochures for these products.