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IFAT 2012

IFAT 2012

Biología y Filtración, S.L. (BIO-FIL), was present as an expositor at the International Fair IFAT ENTSORGA 2012, which took place in Munich from 7th to 12th May. Our company shared the stand with Bioscience Inc, producer of the BACTERIA® products, of which BIO-FIL is a distributor, QM Environmental and H2Ortner, both distributors of BIOFILL® and BACTERIA®.

The presence of visitors in this edition of the fair was extraordinary despite the worldwide crisis, although in some countries seems to be more notorious than others.

More than 300 visitors passed by our stand, basically interested in the BIOFILL® Type-C fillings and the BACTERIA® products, specially those applied to fat degrading (BIOPOP) and odour elimination with the ARCS dosifier.

Our visitors’ procedence is very diverse, but comes mainly from the Nordic countries, Russia, Middle and Far East, and South America.



The WEFTEC fair takes place in the United States in different locations every year, this one in New Orleans. This time, the BIOFILL® products were presented together with the BACTERIA® in the stand of Bioscience Inc, producer of the BACTERIA® and representative of the BIOFILL® in North America.

This event is the most important one in North America dedicated to the water treatment, with a two-pavilion dimensions and many visitors from all the continent. Our stand received mainly visitors from the United States and Latin America, specially Caribbean.



The BIOFILL® products have been present in the environmental fair POLLUTEC LYON 2012, at the stands of many European costumers and distributors of BIOLOGÍA Y FILTRACIÓN S.L.

The POLLUTEC LYON is one of the most important European fairs dedicated to all environmental areas and, among these, domestic wastewater treatment. This area filled an entire pavilion, in which were present the most important plant builders from France, Luxemburg, Austria, etc.

The BIOFILL® products were shown incorporated to the equipments or scale models of our costumers’ wastewater treatment plants, either the ones used in trickling filter systems or moving beds, as it can be seen in the pictures.