BIOLOGÍA Y FILTRACIÓN S.L. will present in the next event IFAT ENTSORGA (Munich, May 5th to 9th) a new model of plastic media with high efficiency and specific surface for moving bed biological treatment systems.

Biología y Filtración S.L. has been working recently in the development of a new model of plastic media with high efficiency and specific surface. This work has concluded in the new model for media that we have called BIOFILL® TYPE C-2.

BIOFILL® TYPE C-2 has a surface of 605 m2/m3 and it will be produced in two versions: Density < 1 and density > 1.

THE PLASTIC MEDIA BIOFILL® TYPE C and C-2 are the last and best products developed by technicians specialized in the biological treatments of grown biomass, in collaboration with departments from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya and the CSIC. The design of the media is made in order to contain a large quantity of biomass in their cavities and produce an important rise of the performance in the treatment it is applied to, either aerobic or anaerobic.

After 8 years of production of the Type C, we present a new model with larger specific surface, which we call BIOFILL® TYPE C-2.

All two models are produced in two versions:

  • types C and C-2, with density under 1
  • type CT and C-2T, with density over 1

Their areas of application are very wide, from moving beds for the enlargement of wastewater treatment plants (municipal and industrial), agriculture wastewater treatment plants (collecting and packaging plants for legumes, tubers, vegetables and fruits) and aquaculture (fish farms in general). In this segment we also include the regeneration of lagoons, rivers and subterranean waters, anaerobic treatments and others.

Main features of BIOFILL® type C-2
Specific surface > 605 m2/m3
Free volume 96 %
Nº of pieces/m3 68.500
Piece diameter 25 mm
Weight per piece 2,7 gr
Weight per m3 standar 185 Kg
Weight per piece BIOFILL® C-2T 3 gr
Weight per m3 BIOFILL® C-2T 204 Kg
Made by injection in PP and PET
Compression 0 cm/500Kg
Max. working temperature 65 ºC
Resistance to hydrocarbons Good
Resistance to alkalis Excellent
Collocation Random