Biología y Filtración S.L. at IFAT 2014

From May 5th to 9th, was held in Munich the International Environment Show, one of the world’s most important events in this sector. Biología y Filtración S.L. attended shared with partners from the Netherlands, Germany and the U.S. with great success introducing new plastic high efficiency packing for moving bed stand.

Biología y Filtración S.L. shared stand with our partners Bioscience Inc, U.S. manufacturer of biological products for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, contaminated soils, odor treatment, etc; QM Environmental, distributor of Bioscience and Biología y Filtración in Europe; and H2Otner, producer of products for the treatment of wastewater in physicochemical systems, sludge drying, etc. During the five-day event, we attended rearly 600 visitors from over 20 countries, to provide information of the products presented and the various possible applications of each one.

Biología y Filtración S.L. presented different types of high efficiency plastic media for biological systems of grown biomass (trickling filter and moving bed) in two dynamic models reproducing the working systems of the media in a small scale as presented in the attached film.

Many questions were aimed at the possibility of supplementing the application of plastic media type C, with the application of some biological products for the removal of nitrogen in wastewater with high concentration of this element, which indicated that it is perfectly possible.

Geographically, queries are mostly distributed in two blocks. People from Latin America and Africa were basically interested in the Biofill types A and B, to apply in existing trickling filter plants that currently use stones as filling media and want to replace it with plastic, or building new plants dismissing the stones from the beginning.

Asian countries are mainly interested in the two types of C type fillings for moving bed, for the construction of large plants to minimize the possible civil works and specially manufacturers of houseplants or plants for small communities. This product was a great success among visitors, because apart from those who sat at the table asking for its features and applications, the public in general passing through the corridors stopped to look at the performance of the model.

On biological products, the one which basically attracted the curiosity was the BACTERIA BIOPOP whose application is the removal of grease in the input of sewage treatment plants (roughing bars, pumping wells, etc), as well as manholes, pipes, etc. Check out our news in this section.