IFAT 2016

Biología y Filtración S.L. (BIO-FIL) took part as an expositor at IFAT 2016, and presented its project of INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS with the technologies of moving bed (MBBR), trickling filter and bioremediation, all of them applied to the treatment of wastewater, sludge, wastes and gas. IFAT, the biggest environmental event worldwide, welcomed us with a great success of visitors.

BIO-FIL presented as a novelty a pilot plant model of the wastewater treatment system with moving bed technology (MBBR) working with our plastic media BIOFILL® C and BIOFILL® C-2, as an optimal system for the elimination of almost all the carbonaceous matter and nitrogen in all its forms in wastewater. This model, basic element of the integral solutions, showed the three stages of treatment: Denitrification, BOD elimination and nitrification. The integrated pilot proposal was completed with the addition of BACTERIA® biological products and enzymes to the corresponding reactor for the optimization of each one of them: BACTERIA® HX for the elimination of carbonaceous matter, BACTERIA® XNL for improved nitrification of nitrites and ammonium, and BACTERIA® DEN for improved denitrification of the nitrates originated in the third reactor. It is known that the MBBR treatment system is the ideal system for enlarging the capacity of existing treatment plants by activated sludges without having to build new structures, or for the construction of new treatment plants with small space available. The addition of the biological products enhances the efficiency of the classic or advanced processes (see the video).

Other solutions to usual problems in the WWTP were presented with the exposition of the classic trickling filter model, also working with the plastic media BIOFILL® A and B (see the video) and also with other BACTERIA® like BACTERIA® BIOPOP, ANL, GEL, SXMRF and SR.

Finally, in our proposal of offering integral solutions in the treatment of residual waters and thanks to the continuous collaboration with the Polytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC), we had the honor of Dr. Carmen Gutiérrez presenting in our stand her project of applied investigation on treatment and reutilization of strongly coloured industrial wastewaters with high salt content. About this issue, we will offer you an extract of this work in a future communication and with the approval of the author.

We want to note the extraordinary expectation that our models caused, specially the MBBR one, which attracted to our stand more than 250 people from the five continents that were interested in the system with the plastic and biological products presented. As an overview of our visitors, for Oceania we were visited by people from Australia and New Zealand; for Asia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Iran, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and China; for Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa; for America, Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia and Chile; and most countries from Europe.

Thank you everyone.

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