BIOLOGÍA Y FILTRACIÓN S.L has accomplished during 2014 a 62% growth in the production of the many types of plastic media named BIOFILL® compared to 2013. This growth has been due to new international costumers, with large scale sales for BIOFILL  TYPE B, BR and C.

BIOLOGÍA Y FILTRACIÓN S.L. was founded 4 years ago (late February 2011) during the economic crisis, whith a clear focus in exportation and the aim of becoming a worldwide reference in the production of plastic media for wastewater treatment using growth biomass biological systems, and is reaching a privileged position in the worldwide market of wastewater treatment. During the first year, the exports to Europe were fundamental for the start-up of the company; four years later, the company bills 140% more with regard to exercise of his foundation.

The production on 2014 has been distributed as it follows:

Biofill® type A             31,3 millons of units
Biofill® type B -BR          5,9 millions of units
Biofill® type C                23,4 millions of units


BIOFILL® TYPE A has been consolidated for many years, starting the production on 1988 after buying an Italian license developed by a professor of the University of Milan. Later, by an agreement with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, many pilot plant studies were conducted in order to improve the product and check its application and performance in wastewaters of different features and work conditions.

Over time the sales of the products have grown lineally and regularly. The main users of this products have been the manufacturers of compact treatment plants. The packaging of the product is made in different ways for them, with special tailored packagings. Sale in bulk has been made for big projects made by ourselves or for big engineering companies that have won the tenders for municipal or industrial treatment plants.

BIOFILL® type A products

BIOFILL tipo A negra




BIOFILL® TYPE B was designed many years later, on 1998, with the aim of offering a good product at low cost. There are rival companies worldwide that offer low quality products at a low cost, which implies losing many opportunities of business with BIOFILL® TIPO A.

BIOFILL® TYPE B 120 m2/m3 is a product with the established quality but less specific surface than BIOFILL® TYPE A > 160 m2/m3. Its price is lower and allows to reach a greater number of markets.

BIOFILL® TYPE B has a variant for special cases named BIOFILL® BR, which only differs from the standard model in the thickness of the walls (see applications in the section of products/plastic media).

BIOFILL® Type B-BR products

Biofill B




MODELS BIOFILL® TYPES C AND C-2 are our most recent products (2006-2014).

The more popular technologies currently are MBBR and MBR, which allow to treat effluents with a larger charge obtaining a better performance with lesser surface, and lead us to the design of the BIOFILL® TYPE C, which over time has passed through many changes until reaching the current configuration, with an specific surface of 460 m2/m3; This product has a big acceptance in the market compared to the products from other producers, due to the good quality/price ratio.

The requirements of the market of a product with larger specific surface brought us to work in a new product on 2014. From the previous design was developed the BIOFILL® TYPE C-2 with an specific surface of 590 m2/m3, this product was sold starting from January 2015.

BIOFILL® Type C products

BIOFILL C2 - C2T Lecho móvil

Our media are designed to be used in the wastewater treatment plants with the trickling filter and moving bed systems, deodorizing plants, chemical exchange plants, cooling towers, fish farms, etc.

Our costumers are: Municipalities, WWTP designers, production processes engineering companies, cooling tower engineering companies, compact WWTP constructors, etc.