Moving Bed Reactors

Mobile bed biological systems (MBBR) have experimented a strong impulse in the last times due to their flexibility and simplicity in enlargement works for existing WWTP and application in newly constructed plants, since it allows modular facilities, greatly replacing the presence gained by the MBR (membrane bioreactor) system with lower costs. All this has been possible thanks to high efficiency biomass carriers like BIOFILL C & C-2.

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  1. Introduction (read more)
  2. Moving bed Reactors (read more)
  3. Design considerations for moving-bed reactors (read more)
    1. Carrier biofilms (read more)
      1. Carbonaceous Matter Removal
      2. High-Rate Designs
      3. Normal-Rate Designs
      4. Low-Rate Designs
      5. Nitrification
      6. Denitrification
    2. Mixers (read more)
    3. Pretreatment (read more)